Terms & Conditions

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1. RV Appraisals inspections relate only to the condition of the Recreational Vehicle at the time of the inspection. We do not inspect the mechanical aspects of the RV.
2. RV Appraisals inspection gives no guarantee or warranty, implied or otherwise, in relation to the condition of the RV following the inspection. Should a purchase be made, it is entirely the responsibility of the purchaser to establish any warranty or guarantee with the vendor. RV Appraisals will not be held responsible for faults that may become evident following an inspection.
3. By instructing RV Appraisals, the client understands these terms and conditions, and accepts this as a reasonable term of engagement of the services of RV Appraisals, in relation to the pre-purchase/pre-sale inspection.
4. The RV Appraisals inspection should not be regarded as evidence of the condition of the Recreational Vehicle at any time.
5. A pre-purchase inspection is a report on the condition found at the time of the inspection and only represents the findings at that time.
6. A RV Appraisals pre-purchase inspection is not:
  • A valuation or indication of value.
  • A recommendation to purchase or not to purchase.
  • A guarantee or warranty of the Recreation Vehicle.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Authorisation Form

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This is a downloadable PDF which can be filled out in Adobe PDF Reader. Depending on your internet browser you may need to right mouse click and 'Save Link As..." on the image to the left, to download the form. The form does require your signature twice so will need to be printed out. Please fill out and sign both pages of the form.